We at Lotus Design service lower Montgomery County.

At Lotus Design, we are a small group of craftsmen dedicated to the creation of stylish quality kitchens, with the shared goal of providing our clients with expert ideas of the latest trends plus excellent workmanship.

Whether it`s your old cabinets being refinished or a kitchen fitted with brand new cabinets, changing the layout of your kitchen, replacing appliances, countertops, floors, backsplash, and the myriad accessories such as door handles, lights, or electrical outlets.

We value and understand the concept of color, design, space, materials and the importance of layout, ease of use, and functionality of your kitchen.

Over the years we have created many beautiful elegant kitchens and as a result, we have a long list of satisfied customers.

Our goal is to create a design to suit discriminating styles and tastes.

Many of our clients are referred from previous happy customers.

During the construction phase of our work, we are very mindful of keeping the environment tidy, both while we`re working and at the end of each day before we leave.

During the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic all workers have their temperature taken and are screened daily according to the CDC guidelines. Of course, we all wear masks while inside and around your home.

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